Hayet Trading

Hayet Trading

This Company Located in poland

It all started with a meeting in 2017. Three Persons with similar aspirations and life ideas, they decided to work together and create a unique place in Poland - a combination of international culture, experience, knowledge and contacts: Which allowed Hayet Global Trade to be created.

Company name is also not without significance, well thought out and relating to the direction in which the company follows.

HAYET - from Arabic means "life". In connection with GLOBAL TRADE - We are living global trade. Work is our hobby, so we do it with pleasure, challenge and we are still developing in it.

The founders and employees of the company are people with many years of experience on the FMCG market, cooperating for many years in the Import / export sector with the whole world.

HAYET GLOBAL TRADE is a company offering you premium quality branded products at most competitive prices, maintaining competitive position, or leading, on many markets worldwide. Honestly taking care of the quality of the products we deliver, makes trading easier.

We are a trading company which deals on everyday basis as an import / export and wholesale of foodstuffs, beverages, confectionery, vegetables and fruits as well as meat, poultry and fish.